Book Em & Pitt Prison Outreach present Campus Book Donation Drive

We will be in front of the Cathedral between 11am - 2pm on Wednesday the 26th thru Friday the 28th!

Each year we receive THOUSANDS of letters from inmates incarcerated in Pennsylvania who have little or no access to reading materials.  Book ‘Em sends educational and recreational book requests to prisoners free of charge.  However, none of this can happen without the support of our community through the donations of books and textbooks. 

Instead of selling your textbooks back to book stores for a modicum of what you paid, donate them us to us to help us fund postage.  We are a volunteer organization.  Every penny we make goes to getting books to prisoners!  We need books.  We need new textbooks to resell to help us get requests to those inside.   

Help us out and you will be making a difference in the lives of many by giving the gift of knowledge. 

Donate your text books!