Local Links & Downloads

In addition to providing literature to incarcerated folks, Book 'Em offers guides for advocacy, helpful resources & legal assistance.  Scroll down to check out a few local organizations that provide advocacy and some downloadable guides which offer a plethora of useful information.


Local links

Amnesty International Pittsburgh
For more than 45 years, Amnesty International has come to the aid of prisoners of conscience and other individuals at risk of serious human rights violations. To get involved with specific cases, visit the Amnesty International’s  Prisoners of Conscience. To get involved locally, visit amnestypgh.org or contact info@amnestypgh.org

Fed Up! The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Human Rights Coalition
Fed Up! Is a group dedicated to upholding the rights of prisoners through providing resources and support, exposing injustice, and building relationships with people in prison and their advocates. Currently they focus on Maximum Security Facilities in Pennsylvania. 

Fight for Lifers West
Fight For Lifers West, Inc. is dedicated to supporting people sentenced to life without parole and their loved ones, while striving to improve the criminal justice system and building positive community relationships.

Renewal, Inc.
Renewal, Inc. is "dedicated to the renewal of individuals in the criminal justice system and to their return to society as responsible citizens." Renewal believes in the positive integration and rebuilding of lives of offenders through education, job readiness, counseling, community service, drug & alcohol/mental health treatment, as well as, social readjustment by redefining life's goals and values.


 The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook, 5th Edition. Revised in 2010 - Download

Legal Pro-Bono, Advocacy From Within Resources 2017 - Download

Women and Parents Resources 2018 - Download

Prison, Jail & Court House – Address and Phone #’s 2017 - Download

Education on the Inside! Connection to the Outside 2017 - Download

Local and National Prisoner Advocacy Organizations 2018 - Download

2009 Version of PA Prison Directory Action - Download