Help Us Keep Our Mission Alive

Book ‘Em appreciates donations of any amount, 100% of which will go towards packing and mailing books. For $5 a month you can send three books to one prisoner every month! Just 50 people paying $5 can meet a full week of mailing costs. All donations to Book ‘Em are tax-deductible.

Please consider donating to us, by clicking on this link to the Thomas Merton Center's Donation Page below.  Just write "Book Em" in the organization field!

Checks can be made out to "The Thomas Merton Center" with "Book 'Em" as the memo and mailed to:

The Thomas Merton Center
5129 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Suggested Donation Amounts

  • $5 – Adopt a Prisoner: Send three books to one prisoner!

  • $25 – Adopt Five Prisoners: Send fifteen books to five prisoners!

  • $40 – Adopt a Prison: Adopt one of the 35 State or Federal prisons we serve and all requests received for that prison will be filled for the month – approximately 30 books to 10 prisoners! Write "Adopt a Prison" on the 'for' line on your check, and we will inform you which prison you served that month.

  • $100 – Dictionaries for a Month: Book’ Em receives over 20 requests for dictionaries each month, but often can only respond to quarter of those requests. With dictionaries costs averaging $5 per request, Book ’Em needs an additional $25 per week or $100 per month to ship books for all of the requests for just one month. Pick your birthday month and Book ’Em will celebrate with you by filling and shipping books for all the dictionary requests for that month! Write "Dictionaries for a Month" on the 'for' line of your check.

Book 'Em is also happy to receive recurring subscriptions of any amount at our donation page.  

Thank you for helping to provide books - and freedom- to the men and women in Pennsylvania prisons. We hope, with your support, to soon be able to fill all of the requests we receive each month.