Books we currently need:

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And finally, a little list of what we do not need

  • We do not need Bibles or Christian non-fiction books, as they are provided by prison pastors.
  • No prison will accept a book with spiral binding or with underlining or writing in it. If there is a name written on the front page, it can be blacked out or the page can be torn out.
  • Out of respect for the inmates, we do not send books which are musty, stained, or outdated.
  • We cannot use encyclopedias or travel guides, nor heavy hardbacks which aren't textbooks.
  • Before emptying your shelves and bringing us everything you have, please consider the above information. We spend many volunteer hours sorting through books we don't need and taking them to the recycling center at Construction Junction. Also, please keep in mind that 90% of our readers are men and are thus interested in fiction and nonfiction written for and about men.

Books can be dropped off at the Merton Center, 5129 Penn Ave, Monday through Friday from 10 to 4 and during our Sunday work sessions.

Thank you so much!